Terms of Use

This document defines terms and conditions upon which we will provide you services on our website. It will comprise a predetermined agreement between you and us. Thus, we would request you to read these terms carefully before you begin using our services.


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● If prohibited by your law, using this website will not be permitted.

● If you continue to use this website, it would mean that you acknowledge and agree that the age factor is considered while using our services.

Grant of Use:

● We grant you non-transferable and non-exclusive right to access the website on your computer or mobile, including content and services available here. Until adhered to terms and conditions, you may even access and use the website for non-commercial or your personal use.

● For any reason, at will, and our discretion, the grant can be terminated by us with or without any notice. Upon termination, we shall not be beholden to (i) deactivate or delete your account, (ii) block your IP addresses or email (Iii) delete or remove your user submissions

Intellectual Property:

● The content available on the website, including graphical images, text, music, photographs, software, video, trademarks, scripts, logos, and service marks; excluding user submissions and third-party content shall be owned by us.

● All proprietary materials are subject to trademark or copyright under the laws of the jurisdiction, including foreign laws, domestic laws, as well as international conventions.

● You shall agree not to modify, copy, transmit, publish, distribute, or transfer any of the content published on our website unless permitted to do so.

User Submissions:

● You shall be held responsible for materials you submit, upload, create, transmit, modify, or display through this website.

● You shall acknowledge the fact that any personal information shared in submissions can make you identifiable and we don’t guarantee any concealment or confidentiality.

● You will be responsible for any and all outcomes of submitting, uploading, transmitting, modifying, or creating user submissions.

● You own required permissions, licenses, consents or rights to use trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or other kinds of proprietary rights

● You shall not post or encourage anyone else to post sexually depicting content.

● Furthermore, you agree not to upload, create, submit, modify, or transmit any material that

(i) Is protected, copyrighted by trademark laws or trade secrets or are subject to third-party proprietary rights

(ii) Is vulgar, obscene, illegal, defamatory, unlawful, harmful, fraudulent, abusive, harassing, threatening, racial, inflammatory, or inappropriate

(iii) Depicts or promotes physical harm, illegal activities, or cruelty to animals

(iv) Mimics any entity or person, or misrepresents your real identity

(v) Is providing, encouraging, or constituting instructions for rights violation, criminal offense, or violate any law

(vi) Is unauthorized promotion, spam, unsolicited advertising, or any other solicitation