This document delineates the kind of information that we collect and how we use it along with the purpose behind such usage. By using our website, you demonstrate that you have read, understand, and agreed to our privacy policy and other conditions.

Data Collection:

When you access our services and convert or download files from our site, your country of origin, IP address, operating system, and the time of access might be recorded to gather information about the traffic and to keep an eye on misappropriating usage of our services. Other than that, we may record additional information, such as the terms you are searching, content you are accessing, videos you are downloading, and some other data. Any sort of content that you would be uploading, accessing, or communicating might get obtained by us. Furthermore, we may even keep a record of any communication taken place between us. When you use our services, you might be sending cookies to your system in order to recognize the session of browsing. Our website might use both persistent cookies and session cookies.

Use of Data:

We might utilize the collected data from your access behaviour just to enhance your user experience and to add more services to our list as per your requirements. We may use the information to function, sustain, and improve the website functionality along with the features of our services. To cut down your efforts of re-entering the information again while returning to the website, we use cookies and other similar information to store your data and then offer a personalized experience. This activity is also done to scrutinize combined metrics, such as page views, and the traffic amount. The information gathered by us may also be used to offer targeted advertising according to your country and other information. We may even use your personal information to disclose it to third-parties and advertisers for promotion and marketing purposes. And then, we may even use your information for contests, promotions, and surveys.

Information Disclosures:

At times, we may have to disclose certain information and data to adhere to legal obligations or to strengthen our agreements. We may even disclose the data or information to enforce the platform’s and users’ safety. This might include giving information to the police or some other governmental authorities just to maintain protection against unforeseeable and unlikable activities. If you transmit, upload or access any illegal material through our website, you will come under suspicion, and your available information will be forwarded to legal authorities without providing any prior notice to you for the same.

Age Restriction:

Our services aren’t for those who come in the category of children and are of lesser than the legal adult age of that specific country. Intentionally, we don’t collect data from anyone who comes under a restricted age limit. If we come across information collected from a child while verification, steps are taken to remove the information from the servers altogether. Parents or guardians who have permitted their children to use this website and the services shall contact us and let us know the same as soon as possible.