Copyright Claims

This document describes the information that would be liable in the case there is trespassing of the copyright, proprietary information, and trademark material on our website. This document will allow you to understand the steps that you can take to report an infringement or to counter-react on the mistaken removal of your material or content from the website.

a) We respect the rights of intellectual property of others. Thus, we don’t provide you any right to trespass trademark, copyright, or any other proprietary information. In our sole discretion, we have the right to eradicate content that may violate others’ intellectual property rights. We can even terminate your account if you submit any illegal content.

b) As per our repeat-infringement policy, if we receive effective complaints about you within a period of six months, your account will be terminated.

c) Notifications that are not pertinent to us or are futile under the law will not be entertained from our side. A real notification of infringement claim should be in the written format and should include the following:

(i) Description of the identification of the infringed copyrighted work, if possible, add the location or the copy of the authorized version

(ii) Description of the identification of infringed material, its location, and the reference link to that specific material to locate the material on the website or the internet

(iii) Information to contact you, including telephone number, address, and email ID

(iv) A clear and precise statement describing that you are sure that the use of material, as per the complaint, does not belong to you, your mediator, or any of the law

(v) A clear and precise statement that the notified information is correct and that you are the authorized person to act on behalf of the person who allegedly invaded the work. In case the case turns out to be false, you shall bear the penalty

(vi) An electronic or physical signature from the authorized representative or the copyright holder

(d) If your search result to the website or user submission is removed in context with the persuasive notification of appealed copyright trespassing, you shall send us a counter-notification in the written format and should also include the following substantial things:

(i) identification of the material to which the access has been denied or the material that has been removed completely along with the location at which that specific material was appearing before the removal or disabled access

(ii) a clear and on-point statement describing that the material was disabled or removed because of misidentification or a mistake

(iii) Your full name, telephone details, address, email ID and a detailed statement with your consent to the jurisdiction courts in the provided address

(iv) A clear and on-point statement that you shall accept process service from the claimed owner of the copyright or his/her agent.